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Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Review | Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt | Dharma Productions


Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Review | Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt | Dharma Production: Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt starrer Badrinath Ki Dulhania is a romantic comedy by Shashank Khaitan, and Dharma Productions produced it.

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt has done many romantic movies in the past, and now they are back with badrinath ki dulhandia, and with this film, Varun Dhawan continues his 100% hits success ratio. But is it really valuable to watch this movie in theaters? You will know this by the end of this article.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Review

This movie was released on 10th March, and due to Varun Dhawan 100% success ratio, This film too got many audiences. Its stories depend on the old 90’s parents that think that girls are only an asset and boys are precious.

Starts in the small towns like Jhansi and Kota where patriarchy is familiar and Badrinath’s (Varun Dhawan) dad wanted him to marry where he get good amount of dowry from the girl’s parents. Badrinath’s brother liked a girl but was married to someone else by his dad for dowry. And His dad wanted to do the same for with Badrinath.

But He falls in love with Vaidehi (Alia Bhatt) at a marriage and told his brother everything and then went to the girl and proposed her for the wedding but the girl rejected instantly as the Vaidehi is looking for an independent life. And he asked his brother to ask the dad for his marriage with that girl.

Badrinath Ki dulhania Movie Review
Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Poster

But Vaidehi again rejected and the drama goes on with twists. Before the interval badrinath somehow convinced Vaidehi for the marriage. But at the marriage day she ran away to Mumbai for her training for air hostess. Badrinath after some days went to Mumbai with anger but Vaidehi till that went to Singapore for further training. Without thinking badrinath too went to Singapore in search of Vaidehi.

After that, the Drama goes on, and at the end, he believes that he was on the wrong track and he went to back to India.But Vaidehi also was in love with badrinath, so She too went back to India to Badrinath and a Little drama and then their marriage.


On my scale, I would give 2.5/5 as Story seems not to be amazing. But the acting of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt was fantastic, and the romantic scenes/ Comedy scenes were too good.

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